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Healthy Activity 4

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How can I continue to engage in healthy activities as I age?


You can continue to take part in activities that are important to you. They might require some adjustment. Even, there might be activities that you no longer enjoy doing. In that case, it is okay to drop those activities as long as new activities replace them.




According to the Selection Optimization Compensation (SOC) Model, continuity of a certain activity is not essential. The most important thing is that you are engaging in socially and cognitively meaningful activities that can be performed with ease. And you are planning to actively engage in those activities in future1 .




You may face some barriers to engage in healthy activities. These barriers can be access to transportation, reduced income, and available community programs. You can make adaptation to these barriers.


Some examples:

  • You can start a seed exchange program with other members in your community to save money on gardening.
  •  You can reach out to friends or family for transportation to engage in activities outside the home.
  • You can participate in free classes offered at the local library.




1. Pushkar, D., chaikelson, J.,Conway, M., Etezadi, J., Giannopoulus, C., Li, K., & Wrosch,  C. (2009). Testing continuity and activity variables as predictors      of      positive and negative affect in retirement. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 65B(1), 42–49, doi: 10.1093/geronb/gbp079.




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