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Healthy Activity 2

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What is a healthy activity?


Healthy activity is defined as meaningful, and purposeful activity. Healthy activity does not have to include fitness activity. It can include a wide range of activities, but needs to be meaningful for the individual taking part in it.


Physical/fitness activities are referred to movement that enhances health.


Some examples of physical/fitness activities are

  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Weight lifting
  • Playing any sports
  • Walking








Social and productive activities involve little or no improvement of fitness. They involve a broad range of goals, which can include enjoyment, reinforcement of social status, sense of belonging, interaction with others, and staying productive. Social and productive activities also increase social support system.1


Some examples of social and productive activities are


Social activities:

  • Attending church
  • Visits to the cinema, restaurants, sporting events
  • Day or overnight trips
  • Playing cards, games, bingo
  • Participation in social groups
  • Volunteering



























Productive activities:           

  • Gardening
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping
  • Unpaid community work
  • Paid community work
  • Other paid employment




  1. Glass, T., Mendes de Leon, C., Marottoli, R., & Berkman, L. (1999). Population based study of social and productive activities as predictors of survival among elderly Americans. British Medical Journal. 319(7208).





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