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Real Life Resources:


American Diabetes Association:  

  • The American Diabetes Association has a website that provides a wide range of information related to education about the disease, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and prevention, government affairs and advocacy, research, community programs &local events, diabetes in the workplace, information for parents and children, and information for health care providers and scientists.


Defeat Diabetes Foundation:   

  • This website provides information related to diabetes awareness, management of the disease, latest news and information, and advocacy.


Defeat Diabetes Support Groups:

  • Lists a wide range of available support groups by state in the United States.


Diabetes Daily:

  • Diabetes Daily is an online support group that has forums available for individuals to talk about type I and type II diabetes.  Information is also available related to diabetes recipes and management of the disease.


CDC Diabetes:  

  • The CDC provides information related to learning about diabetes, eating healthy, being active, and prevention of diabetes.


Disease Risk Index: 

  • An interactive tool from Harvard's School of Public Health that estimates your risk of diabetes as well as provides personalized tips for prevention.



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