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Nutrition and Your Heart

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Nutrition and Your Heart

Control Risk Factors


Certain risk factors for heart disease can be controlled by eating a healthy, balanced diet.  These include:


To decrease your blood pressure


  • Decrease how much salt you eat  
  • Eat less processed and canned foods
  • Use spices instead of salt


To lower your cholesterol


  • Decrease how much saturated fat and trans fat you eat
  • Eat oatmeal, fish, walnuts, and olive oil to lower cholesterol
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, nuts, and seeds to maintain cholesterol
  • Eat more fiber


To manage your weight











Adding a healthy diet into your life


Making changes in what you eat can be a challenging process.  Remember that any positive change, no matter how small, is good for your health.  Here are a few tips to incorporate healthy eating into your everyday life.


1. Strive to vary what you are eating.  Start by choosing fresh, colorful foods rather than focusing on calorie counting.


2. Change one thing at a time and keep adding.


3. Reduce the amount of a treat you eat and how often you eat it rather than putting it off-limits right away.


4. Plan ahead. Have small, healthy snacks ready to eat.


5. Make substitutions.  Choose brown rice instead of white rice and whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta.


For more tips on adding a healthy diet to your life, CLICK HERE.





Choose My Plate: Find lots of information about making healthy food choices, managing weight, and the importance of physical activity.  Includes information for individuals of all ages and a SuperTracker to help you keep track of what you’re eating.

Mayo Clinic: Includes recipes that you can sort by diet type, ingredients, and course.  It even has a “Heart-Healthysection!

Health Finder: Discover grocery shopping tips and ideas for a healthier diet.





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