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Exercise and Your Heart (3)

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 Additional Resources


Silver Sneakers- A part of Medicare that may help cover gym memberships!

Be Active Your Way- Ways to add activity into your daily life.  Includes ideas for people just beginning to add physical activity and those who already are.

Exercise Stories- Read about activities that other older adults enjoy doing.

Exercise Benefits- Learn how exercise can benefit you entire body, not just your heart.

Physical Activity for Everyone- Learn how much physical activity you need and what types of activities are most beneficial.

Chair Exercises for Older Adults- Exercises you can do that don’t require walking!  A great way to begin to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.






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[Heart Exercising] http://www.healingtalks.com/health/the-exercise-mistake-thats-proven-to-damage-your-heart/

[Yoga] http://www.seniorhealthcaredirectory.com/ways-and-means-stay-strong

[Chair Exercises] http://ymcablast.typepad.com/ymca_blast/2009/01/index.html

[Swimming] http://healingmoves.net/physical-activity-guidelines/older-adults/

[Exercise Equipment] http://www.steadyhealth.com/articles/Exercise_and_Physical_Activity_for_Older_Adults_a1122.html



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