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About Us

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The Occupational Therapy Center at Jefferson in Second Life(R) has 3 main aims:


  • to educate the public about the profession of Occupational Therapy
  • to provide immersive experiences for Secondlife (R) residents, that provide information about health topics   
  • to collaborate with others with an interest in healthcare, rehabilitation, or wellness 


The Center also provides training for graduate students in a virtual environment, to inform them about the process of developing health-related educational programs and enable venues for them to actively create the content and process for these programs.


Susan Toth-Cohen, PhD, OTR/L (SL name Zsuzsa Tomsen) directs the Center. These efforts are part of Dr. Toth-Cohen’s ongoing quest to discover and create new educational venues that will serve the needs of consumers and the occupational therapy profession.


Funded in part by Summer Exploration Funds 2007-8, Center for Faculty Development, Jefferson College of Health Professions

Garden of Healthy Aging funded by the Committee on Research, Jefferson College of Health Professions, 2008-14

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