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Staying Involved as You Age

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General aging experiences include:


  • Retirement
  • Having children and grandchildren
  • Overall physical changes associated with aging including cognitive, visual, physical changes
  • Time to reflect on life
  • Time to explore new leisure activities or interests
  • Preparation for death


These are a few of the changes that occur during old age and these changes affect individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Retirement can have a huge impact on how the person spends their time; this can be both positively or negatively affect the person’s life. 

If a person’s main focus in life was their job, they may not know what to do with this free time because they don’t have any current leisure activities.


Well Elderly 2 Study:


This study found that individuals who participated in the study and engaged in healthy life activities had less bodily pain and depression and had an increase in vitality, mental health, social function, and overall life satisfaction. Engaging in meaningful activities and maintaining hobbies, leisure activities, and friendships is important for healthy aging.


Activity Theory:


  • Activity Theory states that individuals who engage in activities into their later years have greater life satisfaction. Even as a person ages they can still be active and productive members of society.


  • It is important to maintain hobbies and interests throughout old age. Studies show that having leisure activities improves life satisfaction and quality of life and decrease the chance of experiencing depression.



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